Artificer Learning#1

This series of posts was written by myself and a friend for a Futures journal. It may be seen as a bit ‘out there’ and academic, but I do think it deals with issues that are important for education. Especially for education that deals with skills.

Critical Futures Praxis – artificing a future we can live with

It is vital for survival in today’s complex turbulent and often incoherent world to have futurists who can collaborate on collective projects, focus on action or even validate actions towards a better world and actionists who can think of the longer-term intent of their actions and the big picture in which we, and our actions, locate.

Unfortunately “education” separates the learner from the praxis of her lived life; and classrooms separate the learner from design, production and intergenerational community life.

This short piece identifies one way to bring these futuring and actioning skill sets together.

Needed, another type of learning – critical futures praxis

Often we see thinking and doing as mutually exclusive.

There are, however, times when we put all of ourselves into what we are doing: whether building, conversing, or lovemaking. There are also times when we lose ourselves in our activity as we shape (artifice) some new gadget. At these times we are fully present in our activity; thinking and doing are united in our human ‘being’.

A pedagogy that can embrace being and doing we call Critical Futures Praxis or Artificer Learning.

It is miles away from the imitative ‘learning’ associated with much vocational, and increasingly tertiary “education”, today.

We seek a type of action learning that:

. Focuses on the learner, not only the action,
. Draws from experience yet is proactive,
. Is Comprehensive: including intelligent understanding and design of subsequent actions
. Embodies the agency of the learner; not only the structural blockages
. Is directed to the good of the persona and the good of society (integrity and ethics – a form of Phronesis* – virtuous action towards the good (of) society or Eudaimonia)
. Moves praxis from doing to making and shaping ie. prototype development

The next posts will outline (about a week apart) will outline a type of action learning that does this.

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