The Earth Element #2: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

The division into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual is my own.  It is not a division traditionally used in acupuncture.  However the aspects under these heading are covered traditionally in acupuncture.

The physical process of digestion is the food we take in.  So when our wood element is out of balance we may put on excess weight or be underweight.  Our appetite will be unreliable and we may have cravings.

The emotion traditionally associated with the earth element is pensiveness.  If this is not functioning well we can get obsessive – going over and over our experience rather than digesting it.  Some of our relationships nourish us and others can be quite toxic.

Digesting our mental experience is likewise a process of rumination and consideration.  The result of this digestion is that grow in our understanding and expand our knowledge of new areas.

Is your spirit nourished?  Does your life have a sense of meaning?  When we digest our experience spiritually we have a sense of centredness – as the earth is the centre to which all things fall.

How easily do you digest your experience?

Do you crave particular types of food?  How is your digestion?
Do your relationships nourish you?  Which ones are more nourishing and which less?  Are some of your relationships toxic to you?
Do you feel nourished intellectually?  Are you learning new things or do you tend to go over what you have already learned?
What feeds your spirit?  Do you have a spiritual practice?

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