The Fire Element#2

The fire element is particularly affected by heat.

For example, during heat waves those who are weak (the sick and elderly) may die of heart attacks.  When we do vigorous exercise and get hot our heat beat is quicker.

Heat tends to ‘scatter’.  We talk about people being ‘hot and bothered’ or ‘all the place’ or ‘all over the shop’.  At these times we are unfocussed and ‘scatty’, not ‘cool’ and certainly not ‘cool-headed’.

Fire provides illumination and warmth. 

When our fire element is healthy we will be warm, not cold-hearted.  There will also be a clarity in our perceptions – we won’t be confused and scatty.

The fire element is associated with the ‘vital fluid’ called ‘spirit’.

The heart is said to store the spirit.  This does not mean the same as western notions of ghosts or disembodied entities.  In acupuncture ‘spirit’ has the notion of an energy that has both clarity and warmth.  

How is the fire element in your life?

    When you are stressed do you get scatty or go cold?

    Are you cool headed or do you tend to be over-excited?

    Do you have a clarity about your self and your circumstances?

    Would you describe as being warm-hearted? 

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