The Metal Element #2 Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual

The metal element can be looked at under four headings: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  These categories are my own (modern and western) they are not traditionally part of acupuncture.  However the things that appear under these headings are traditionally part of acupuncture: it is my arrangement that is new.

The metal element rules letting go of our breath and solid waste.  The lung also rules our skin – this, as well as protecting us is a major organ of discharge (sweat and toxins too).  This process of letting go should be easy and natural.

The emotion associated with letting go is sadness.  When you weep with sorrow you will notice how it involves your lungs.  Our tears usually bring with them a quality of softness: those who never cry are often hard and harsh (to themselves as well as to others), not an attractive quality.

Letting go of out moded ideas and past thoughts can be quite difficult.  Habits and routines can be invaluable in making our lives simpler (we don’t have to re-learn walking every time we get up).  However, they can be a trap to – so that we can, without even noticing it, become stale and dissatisfied.  We can lose the sense that each moment is unique and precious.

The spiritual here means a connection to some sense of cosmic order.  That our lives make sense and are connected.  This may be our connection with nature or a spiritual practice of some kind.

How is your metal element?

  •     Any breathing problems?
  •     Any problems with elimination?
  •     Do you cling to past relationships?
  •     Do you feel sad or try to fight it?
  •     Are you learning new things?
  •     Do you have a sense of connection to spirit in your life?

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