The Wood Element #2



The wood element in our body manifests as the liver and gall bladder.

Wood is a picture of resilient growth

– trees and plants can bend and flex with the wind and not break.  In our bodies the wood element, the liver, is associated with the tendons (not the muscles.  The tendons have a role in allowing us to flex and bend).  When we grow steadily (as pictured by the wood element in nature – trees and plants) then we are flexible and can bend and flex with changes in circumstances.

The wood element also is a picture of the beginning – of growth just starting. 

Wood can be pictured as the seed sprouting (it also corresponds to the season of spring where new growth begins.  This is more true in China and other countries than in Australia where there are plants that flower in every season – though still predominantly in spring in Australia too.)  This leads to the wood element, especially the gall bladder, being associated with stepping out.  The yin aspect of this process, the liver’s part, is the planning or visionary aspect.  In acupuncture the liver is said to rule the eyes physically as well – eye problems are a liver disorder. 

How healthy is your wood element?

    Are you physically flexible?

    Can you bend and flex when circumstances don’t go according to your plan?  Of do you get frustrated and angry?

    How are you at being in touch with your vision?

    How are you at flowing easily from your vision to action?

    Are you long or short-sighted?

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