The Wood Element #3

The wood element manifests in our bodies as the liver and gall bladder.  We will go into more depth about the liver and gall bladder later in this blog.

Just like the trees and plants in nature our wood element is affected by wind. 

Ask a school teacher about the effect of windy days on children – they get ratty and are hard to manage – they don’t flow easily from one thing to the next.

Wind moves and changes.  So symptoms that come and go or move around the body are called ‘wind’ in acupuncture.  We will go into wind in more depth when we deal with the causes of disease, “the devils” later in this blog.

For women the liver, which governs the flow of qi and blood, is especially important. 

The menstrual flow should be easy and painless.  When it is not it is often associated with feelings of frustration, anger and ‘rattiness’.


How healthy is your wood element?

    How do you find being out in the wind? 

    Do you chop and change or are you able to move steadily to where you want to be, accommodating changes in circumstances without being blow off course?

    If you are a woman do your menses flow easily?  Do you feel emotionally disturbed when menstruating?

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