Gall Bladder

The Gall Bladder is the yang aspect of the wood element in the body.  As the yang organ it is hollow, compared to the Liver (the yin aspect of the wood element in the body) which is solid.

Curious or extraordinary

The Gall Bladder is slightly different to the other yang organs.  It manufactures bile (to assist with the digestion of fats) while the other yang organs don’t manufacture anything.  In the texts this is usually called ‘storing’, but this doesn’t make sense as the Bladder stores urine, so I have used the term ‘manufacture’, which I think is more accurate.  For this reason it is called “curious” or “extraordinary”.  (You may see in acupuncture textbooks reference to the “curious fu” or “extraordinary fu” which means the curious or extraordinary yang organs in the body.)

The Channel

The Gall Bladder channel runs up the side of the body – from the outside of the foot, up the outside of the leg and chest, the neck and side of the head to the outer end of the eyebrow.  Any problem along the course of the channel may indicate a problem with the Gall Bladder.


Along with the Liver the Gall Bladder is involved with our moving to action.  The Gall Bladder’s special role is initiating action.  When this is not working well we feel stuck.  (Try standing and then wavering side to side (from one Gall Bladder channel to the other).  When doing this it is impossible to take that first step to initiate action).

How is your Gall Bladder?

  • Fat Digestion.

Do you crave oily food?  Is an oily curry one of the joys of life?

Do you have trouble digesting fats?  Do they give you indigestion?

  • Moving smoothly into action.

Once you know what you want do you find it easy to go after it?

Does iniating comes easily to you?

Is initiating an effort for you?

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