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This is a guest post Eric Grey (who is in America despite the spelling of his name) who authors a blog called Deepest Health.  It is a chronicle of his study of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It has a wealth of content and is unfailingly well written.

This post is so great I wanted to post it in its entirety.  Unfortunately google punishes you for doing this so I’ll post enough to give you an idea of how good it is and provide the link.  It is about his commitment to become a scholar and sage as well as a practitioner of TCM.  It gives his commitment month by month for what this will involve.

1) January (GB) – Study/scholarship: Taking Confucian/neo-Confucian principles seriously means developing a serious and self-motivated attitude towards learning. Instead of being outwardly motivated, one becomes deeply interested in learning despite what rewards or penalties are associated with it. This doesn’t mean studying for no reason, or studying for the sake of studying. It means that one doesn’t study for grades, or for the sake of feeling clever. One learns to improve one’s own understanding and abilities, and takes this to be one of the most important activities possible. I will post later today about my current list of practices in this category.

2) February (LR) – Strategy/business: As physicians, we are likely to be in business for ourselves. Too often, CM schools neglect this topic in the curriculum.

3) March (LU) – Rest/activity: Sleeping and waking in time with the seasonal rhythms . . .

  • Set a sleeping and waking time for the month that is close to the cycle of the sun. Stick to it for a month, recording observations.
  • Regardless of the hectic nature of your schedule, take at least 45 minutes out of every day to simply sit and rest. Preferably do this in a beautiful atmosphere, free of electronic or other distractions.
  • When in a protracted period of stillness, such as when studying, break every 45 minutes to change position and relax your mind.

4) April (LI) – Care of planet/consumption:

5) May (ST) – Physical cultivation: 

  • Daily Qigong, Taiji, Yoga or martial art
  • Take a walk in the morning each day, begin with 15 minutes and increase by 2-5 minutes per day. Pay attention to breathing, and gradually increase the strenuousness of walking until you notice your breathing rate increase.
  • Begin some specific program of exercise, but be careful not to exercise to the point of tiredness.
  • Even something simple like doing isometric exercises at home and keeping track of progress could be a great practice – sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups?

6) June (SP) – Food choices: Moderation in food intake will help physical cultivation to be more effective.

You can join Eric (a couple of people already have) in his year of Living Sagely by visiting his blog, Deepest Health.  This would be well worth doing.  As would be leaving comments about what a great post this is.

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