Decision Time is Getting Nearer

Firstly, apologies for not having posted here for quite a while.

I’ve been thinking deeply about where to head with this blog.  I have a conflict between my need to make money and the energy for my ideals.  If I was sure this blog would make a million I guess I would have no problems doing it.  Likewise if I was a complete idealist I’d have no trouble finding the energy either.  The truth is I am a mixture.

The big decision is about the time and energy it would take to turn this site into an “interactive learning environment” with audio, video and fora.  I would charge (a bargain price) for access to this.  This would be a lot of work if no one was interested.  The other option is to have a very simple introduction to acupuncture theory and some suggestions about how the theory applies in life (essentially what I am doing now).  This is far less work but also of less educational value.  Also I don’t feel I can charge for access to this level of education.

I’m still inclining to the idea of doing both.  Putting the information out there in a simple and systematic format and charging for access to the interactive learning environment.  This basically means charging for access to me as teacher and the input of other students as well as the more sophisticated aspects of the environment (audio, video and fora).

On Wednesday, in two days, I have an exam; so, I won’t be making the decision ’til then.  Hopefully I will feel settled about what I want to do soon after this when I have a bit more head space to think.

Once again apologies for the lack of posts and thanks for your patience in bearing with it.  I’ll be back posting soon.

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