I think my decision is made

I think my decision is made and here is how it came about.

Last night I went to a marketing seminar featuring two people from an Australian marketing company called mobium (www.mobium.com.au) run by Aware Business (www.awarebusiness.com.au).

They were speaking about a group of people who had firstly been labelled (mistakenly in my view) the ‘cultural creatives’.  This group is now known, more accurately in my view, as “LOHAS”, standing for “lifestyles of health and sustainability”.

This group, the LOHAS, group are defined by their concerns for three areas: health, the environment and social justice.  What this means is that those who turn up to Live Aid (are concerned for social justice) are more likely than the general population to be into ecology and willing to try alternative health (such as yoga or acupucture).  Likewise those who go to yoga classes are more likely than the general population to be concerned for ecology and social justice.  And so on.

This was a lovely moment for me: I felt that someone had finally put a name to my concerns and my approach.  I felt myself relaxing as I realised this.

One characteristic of this group is that they are concerned with authenticity.  It was then I knew that I couldn’t only have a paid acupuncture course on this blog.  It had never sat comfortably with me, but I didn’t know whether this was just sentimentality and delusion on my part.  I now know that it is actually a big part of who I am.

So that’s how I came to my decision about the way forward for this blog.  By being reminded of my core and ethics at a marketing seminar (who said God doesn’t have a sense of humour?  (To be fair Aware Business is a very different type of marketing company, so it’s not so much of a surprise.)

So this is my plan from here:

Keep putting up the content on this blog that will build into an acupuncture course.

To get some income I will be publishing some ebooks (the first one about what to expect at your first acupuncture treatment will be free.  The next will be for acupuncture students – a simple approach to point selection.  The third will be a concise introduction to the core of the theory of Chinese Medicine.  These are the ones I have planned for now, I’m sure I will think of others in time.)

Keep on designing a course in acupuncture using multi-media and discussion forums for which I will charge a fee based on membership for a particular period.  Probably monthly or quarterly.

So look forward to more content on acupuncture soon – I’m up to the meridians and will cover each one – hopefully at the rate of about one a week.

If you have any thoughts or responses about any of this, feel free to drop by and comment.

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