Two new courses

My friend Geoff Wilson is running two courses next year. His website is Art of Health, where you will find details of the courses. He also has a blog.

The first course is on food and health. The course covers all the important health problems and how to address them using the approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Food is an especially accessible way of addressing our health problems. We all eat every day, by eating the right food we can do much to promote a long and healthy life for ourselves and our family.

The second course is on oriental psychology. This is a much neglected aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In most acupuncture courses it receives almost no attention at all. Geoff’s course uses the Buddhist and Taoist classics to address our situation. It is earthed strongly in a tradition and is concerned with making a difference in the modern world as well.

Both courses begin in 2008 and he is offering a cut price deal for the first fifteen people who enrol. So check them both out at Art of Health, they could be just what you are looking for.

Both courses have recently received accreditation in the US for professional development points for Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.

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