yin and yang change into each other.

Yin and yang not only balance each other, they also follow each other: it is said that yin and yang ‘convert’ into one another.  In acupuncture this is most clearly the case in sickness, where yin and yang are extreme.  For instance: a fever will lead to shivering and being cold will lead to a fever.

The goal, from the point of view of acupuncture, is a balance that contains an easy flow that does not go to these extremes.

Exercises for reflecting on the conversion from yin to yang in your life.

  • Physical

When have you experienced hot becoming cold and cold becoming hot?
When have you experienced movement becoming rest and rest becoming activity?

  • Emotional

When have you found your receptivity giving way to assertion?
When has your assertion lead to you becoming receptivity?

  • Mental

When has your understanding of a situation changed to your taking action?
When has your action been succeeded by you moving to an understanding of the situation?

  • Spiritual

When has your receptive of spirit lead to an initiative by you?
When has an initiative you have taken led to you being receptive to spirit?

  • Summary

Do you have a preference for yin and yang throughout the different areas of your life?  If so, what are the consequences of this preference?
Do you have preferences for either yin and yang in different areas of your life?

This exercise should help you get a good sense of the balance of yin and yang in your life.  If you do the other exercises for yin and yang on this blog you will be well on your way to a thorough understanding of yin and yang.

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