yin and yang flow into each other

yin and yang are not only descriptions of particular things and types of activity.

yin and yang flow into each other.

While we can pay attention to one of the other they are not separable in real life (just as we may pay attention to what a building is made of and its shape but not separate them in real life).

yin and yang require each other. Without rest activity will cease, without activity rest is not beneficial.

Let’s look at yin and yang at the different levels of our lives: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

  • Physical

What activities that you engage in require rest? What would happen to you if you never rested?
When does rest require activity? What would happen to you if you rested and didn’t act?

  • Emotional

How does your assertion relate to your receptivity? What would happen to your life if you were only assertive? What would happen to you if you were only receptive and made not attempt to affect your situation and relationships?

  • Mental

How does finding what is the situation relate to your action in the situation? What would happen if you ignored the situation when you acted? What would happen if you ignored action and only understood the situation?

Do you have a preference for understanding or acting? What do you think the consequences of this preference are for you?

  • Spiritual

How does your receiving spirit relate to your activities?
What if you only were supported by spirit? Could this be without leading to activity?
What if you only pursued new activities – developing new disciplines and organisations? What would the consequences of this be for you?

  • Summary

Finally, do you prefer either yin and yang all the time, or do you have a preference in one area of your life and a different preference in other areas?

Looking at our lives through the lens of yin and yang can help us zero in on what is going well and where it may be helpful to change.

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