yin and yang: rest and activity

Reflecting on Rest and Activity in our Lives.

One aspect of yin and yang is our activity.
Throughout the day we move from rest (yin) to activity (yang).
Firstly there is the move from sleeping to waking.  Then throughout the day we alternate (hopefully) times of rest with times of activity.

  • Take a moment now to think about your day so far.  Reflect on how rest and activity have alternated throughout your day.  Notice how this can occur even in very short amounts of time (such as taking a step).
  • Now take some time to reflect on what assists you to relax and what helps you be active.  Does rest help with activity?  Are you readier to rest after being active?  Are rest and activity related for you?
  • Imagine what a day would be like where you had enough rest and enough activity.

Would it mean short of long bursts or rest and activity?  Would it mean including different things for you?  You could imagine too what it would be like over a
longer time span – a week, a month, a year, or even your whole lifetime.

  • Do you think you need to be more yin or yang?  If you think you need one, will the other make a contribution?  (Will activity help if you need more rest?  Is being well rested needed to support your activity?)

The interplay of rest (yin) and activity (yang) in our lives can be very subtle.  It is a valuable way to examine ourselves and our health.

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  1. Within the cosmology of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Yin and yang are polar opposites that must be balanced in order for life to proceed in harmony.

    The term yin denotes the shady side of the slope and may be associated with qualities of femininity, openness, passivity, receptivity, introversion, diminution, repose, weakness and coolness. Within each shape is also a little of its opposite to symbolize that nothing is pure yin or pure yang. Nothing is completely homogenous.

    Trevor Vernon – Articles2View.com Acupuncture Tips, tutorials, videos, interviews and more. http://www.articles2view.com/acupuncture/

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