yin and yang: vision and transformation

yin and yang also exist in the spiritual dimension of our life.

What do I mean by spiritual? I mean the part of our life connected to spirit, our core – the part of us that feels ‘this is what I am here to do’ or ‘this is who I am’ or ‘when I am doing this it just flows from the core of me’. This is the part of us that can answer the question: What is the meaning of my life?

There is a yin and yang aspect to spirituality. Often, in our culture which emphasises yang, spirituality becomes seen as only yin. This can be seen to be wrong when we look at the revolutions in the way our world is seen – the revolutions in meaning. All these revolutions, whether religious or philosophical, had a new vision or understanding of what the world and people are like (yin) that was part of their revolutions in methods and organisations (yang). Without the new ways of doing things the revolutions wouldn’t have been revolutionary, they wouldn’t have affected their society in a revolutionary way. Without the new way of seeing they wouldn’t have been revolutionary, they would have just been more of the same.

As with these large movements we can also see the yin and yang in our own spiritual lives.

  • Visionary experiences are receptive (yin). They are convincing and transforming because we see something new, we feel we are in touch with something that is truly there. These experiences wouldn’t have nearly the impact on us that they do if we thought they were made by us.
  • When we are touched at our core by these spiritual experiences we are changed and act differently (yang). We may have ‘a mission’, wanting to see change in our current life-destroying way of living (at however humble a level this may be).

Reflecting on yin and yang in your spirit.

Where do you feel that you are supported by spirit? Are receptive and discover your purpose?
What experiences have you had that have transformed you? Can you distinguish the yin and yang aspects of these experiences?
Do you feel that there is an easy flow in your spirituality between the yin and the yang?

If you wish to strengthen the yin aspect of your spirituality there is now a wealth of opportunities to learn meditation and other contemplative activities such as drawing. If you wish to strengthen the yang aspect of your spirituality there are a wealth of opportunities to learn about being entrepreneurial and new ways of organising that respect people (eg. the ‘learning organisation’ phenomenon).

With this balance of, and flow between, yin and yang we can manifest a better world.

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